Jonathan Vella

Having a strong technical background, Jonathan’s style is ordered and meticulous. His choice of subjects and the nature of their characteristics, where geometry and symmetry is dominant, in turn compliment his skill for precision work which he has acquired throughout the years. Colour also plays an important role in his work, whether it is just a different shade of the same colour or a combination of a broad spectrum of colours. These two extremes are evident in his paperwork where several different colours and shades are used.

Jonathan’s art revolves around his love for his home country, Malta, as well as his childhood memories. Having been born, raised, and still living in one of Malta’s oldest cities, Żebbuġ, where traditional architecture and vintage Maltese cultural elements still outweigh the fast-paced progress which is fast spreading across this beautiful island, he is aware that eventually in the near future his memories will be just that – memories. Therefore, by handcrafting unique Maltese traditional tiles out of paper, he feels that he is preserving these elements from their inevitable fate.

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