Eva Fekete

I have always done something with arts since my teens. I studied drawing, painting, sculpture and photography in the best Hungarian artists’ studios and college and studied art history at the Eötvös Lorand University. 
Then photography stayed with me. I was always amazed as to how a tool that is believed to be showing objective facts can be the biggest ’liar’ and story maker. That a picture inside my mind, an inside world that I have, can turn into reality through the camera. Or even without a camera and lenses, just letting the pure light to work on a photosensitive surface. 
I’m from Hungary, I have been living in Malta for 5 years. During the beginning, it was an interesting experience, to learn how the light works here. I would have never imagined that I would have problems, not with the darkness, but rather too much light!

My debut exhibition in Malta was in Mdina, Palazzo Piro in November 2018.

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