Antoine Paul Camilleri

Born in August 1959 in the small village of Balzan. I started drawing at a very young age under the guidance of my father Antoine. We had a lot of space to work in, as our house was big with a large yard and garden were we could experiment with different media, without making a mess inside. My two Brothers and two Sisters were always eager to participate in all activities our father did.

Our Father's Studio was just beside the kitchen, which gave us the opportunity to watch the whole process of a painting from start to finish. I treasure these years because they were happy and educational times. I recall helping my father with carnival floats, statues for Christmas, a huge painting for Christmas which was hung at the Valletta entrance, stamps to commemorate Albert Direr etc. This gave me the opportunity to try my hand in modelling clay. A medium I still enjoy working with. A man who gave me the first lessons in Ceramic was Gabriel Caruana. A very good friend, and neighbour at the time.

Later on, we moved to Valletta. This gave me easier access to roam the streets of the city, especially in the afternoon when the light and shade had the greatest contrast. I made a lot of pen drawings and watercolours, capturing the spirit of the city from different angles. I like to model mostly figurative themes, family members and horses. 

 Movement in sports is also a great inspiration to me. Subjects like The Race, Cyclists, Ballerinas, Gymnasts and Weightlifter are a few examples.  

Lately I was commissioned to make The Risen Christ of the Community of Pembroke. A terracotta Figure, eight feet tall, suspended from one leg. I was also commissioned to make The Via Sagra for the Airport Chapel. 

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