Andrew M. Smith

Andrew M Smith was born in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, United Kingdom and was raised in the Kingston upon Hull, in East Yorkshire. Having studied, and showing progress in arts from a young age Andrew followed his family footsteps and took computer studies instead of perusing further academic training within the arts. In 2004 Andrew moved from England to Malta and three years later began to practice the visual arts once again, perusing training and education from the noted local artist John Martin Borg. In 2015, and formed a closer relationship with the watercolour medium. In the same year Andrew founded the Malta branch of the International Watercolour Society, as well as assisting the International Watercolour Society in the capacity as director globally throughout 2015 and 2016. Andrew proceeded to get more involved with the International watercolour community by facilitating Malta’s entry into the Fabriano International Watercolour festival for the first time, facilitating a team exhibiting watercolourists from Malta on yearly basis. Andrew continues involvement with International artistic projects and organizations, as well as taking part in international exhibitions and contests, including achieving “winning artist” in 2016 for the IWS Tirana Online Watercolour Contest, whilst enjoying painting plein-air in Malta regularly.

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